Welcome to The Marilyn Jones Dance Centre's Online Portal!

Welcome to The Marilyn Jones Dance Centre

We don't just teach dance and acro gymnastics at MJDC - we want to instill strong values in our students: kindness, compassion, support, empathy, goodwill, teamwork, trust, & love. We want EVERYONE to feel as though they are part of the family, because each of us have our own gifts to share with the world! Our goal is not only to educate and train dedicated, disciplined dancers, but to give every one of our students confidence, memories, experiences, and a passion to go out and achieve their dreams in whatever they choose!

Please sign in to our online booking system. We use this site for all our class registrations, billing, notices, sharing files, information and we also have our online store where we sell all our uniform and dance wear.

* Current or Recent students who have an account.  Please DO NOT create a new account.  Go ahead and sign in.
*  If you don’t remember your password, click “Forgot your password?” and create a new one. An email will be sent to you with an automated password. 
* Once you have your new password, please sign in. (You can change your password if you want.)  Be sure to keep it for future use.

Once you are signed in you will be directed to your Home Page.  Using the buttons provided you can view your statement, make a payment, enrol in auto-pay, manage your child's classes, get notes from the studio and teachers, and check the studio calendar.

1. Go to First Time Here? You may have to scroll down a little, and click CREATE ACCOUNT
2. Sign up using bill payers details, and then add student or students if more than one child, or click I take classes if you are signing up for your self.
3. You will then login to the portal.
4. Scroll down and click REGISTER FOR CLASSES. You will then see a list of classes.
5. Select the box on the left for all the classes you wish to sign up to - you can see more information about each class by clicking on the class name.
6. Once you have selected the class/es you wish to enrol, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
7. A red banner will appear at the top of the page which says 'Your choices are saved, but you are not enrolled in classes just yet. You owe a registration fee of £10.00. Finish Registration now' Click FINISH REGISTRATION NOW.

The information below is for families registering any child for our 2021-2022 dance year:

— A £10 non-refundable registration fee is due upon registering

— When registering, you are required to sign a waiver in order for your child to participate in activities at MJDC

— Payment: All payments are made online and are due on the 1st of each month. Classes are charged monthly, depending on the number of weeks in that month. (Example: 4 Mondays in a month, tuition for a 30 minute class would be £4 x 4 weeks = £16, if there were 5 Mondays in a month the tuition that month would be £4 x 5 weeks = £20)

— After the 10th of the month, a £10.00 late fee for any outstanding tuition balances will be charged.

- If you no longer require a space for your child in a class please let us know by sending an email to marilynjonesdancecentre@gmail.com - you will be required to pay up until the date we have received notification.

- Class fees and Registration fees are non-refundable. Refunds will not be given for classes missed due to illness, family trips, inclement weather, etc. MJDC reserves the right to cancel classes due to low registration. In the unlikely event that a class is cancelled, every effort will be made to switch the student to an appropriate alternative class. If this is not possible, tuition will be refunded.

- Class spaces are limited. If a class is full, please join the waiting list.

— Correspondence with MJDC will be through e-mail. Please check your e-mails often as we send reminders, specific class info, and ALL studio updates! If you are not getting e-mails, please email us. Newsletters will also be available on our portal too.

Helpful Registration tips:
— Students are placed in classes based on their age and we then split students in the classes based on the ability. We ask that all families please register their child for their age category. If you wish for your child to attend a class that is not within their age category (Example you wish to keep siblings in the same class, then please email marilynjonesdancecentre@gmail.com or phone 07884100378 and we can discuss the best options with you)

Bulletin Board - We will be using the Bulletin Board feature to post "News & Notes" specific to each class.  This is a great way for us to send you reminders and studio information.  You will get an email if we post a note and they will be stored here for reference.

Register for Classes - This is the button you will press to select your child’s classes for the season.  If classes aren't showing up for your child, you might not have your child's age entered correctly (see Manage Students below).

Manage Students - This is where you will see all the details for your child. Be sure to check that their age is correct because Dance Studio-Pro will only show the appropriate classes for your child based on age.  This is also where you can add a sibling.  If you click on 'Register for Classes' you will be taken back to the Register for Classes button (see above).

Shared Files - Useful files, Music and videos are shared here along with exercises for our dancers to practice at home.

Online Store - All students should wear the correct uniform to classes. All items are available to purchase from our online store. Please see uniform list on Shared files for full details.

Waivers - These are required to check off when registering for classes.  This is where you view the waivers that you sign in order to participate in classes. If the waiver is not signed you will not be able to attend classes at MJDC.

Account Settings - Here you can update your contact information.  This is very important because in case of an emergency, this is where we go to find the emergency contact.
This is also where you can:  Change Password, Pay Online, make Automatic Payments, check Payment History from the Account Settings button.  These are the same as the buttons already described, just a different way of getting there.

Calendar - This is where you can check your child's dance schedule. All classes they are enrolled in will show here. Going forward we will use this feature to show studio events such as rehearsals, show dates, dates closed, examinations and holiday dance days.