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West Main Studios is a School of Dance~ Teaching Ballet, Tap, Jazz,Contemporary & Hip Hop.
Technical Instruction is vital to each genre with choices for our students. Beginner to Advanced Levels are offered including 3&4 year Old Ballet/Tap/Jazz and Adult Jazz & Tap.
Established in 1996, West Main Studios provides a cutting edge in the performing arts with your child's dance instruction as a basis for future endeavors in whatever art or career they may choose. WMS offers a full curriculum in every Dance genre' with beginner to advanced levels - Ballet,Tap,Jazz, Acro (tumbling with the incorporation of dance s, Contemporary, Musical Theatre & Hip Hop. As well, we offer adult tap on a beginner to advanced level. Molding our students with strong self-esteem and leadership to help prepare them in any chosen field of life, it is Our hope and mission is to produce a conducive and caring atmosphere for our students with a family like environment. If you have not registered, please create an account. Thank you! We Love to Dance! and it shows... www.westmainstudios.com

UpComing Events and Important Dates*

Dance Season 2020 / 2021

*Please note: with the ongoing threat of the pandemic, our schedule could change at a moments notice...as of now we have no restrictions for beginning our Dance Season on August 10th. However; we have had to re-schedule previous dates already secured due to the request from the venue. Please understand, we work hard to make sure you have ample notice and time for changes, however; these unprecedented times have forced us to conform with the situation as the state of Alabama mandates. We plan to proceed forward with plans for an awesome dance season. Be safe and well. Thank you for your understanding in advance!


* August 31st-September 3rd - Bring Your Friend to Dance Week
* September 1st - Christmas Show 2020 Venue Fees Due Per Registration Agreement
* September 7th - Labor Day - Studio CLOSED
* September 8th - Christmas Show 2020 Dancewear Fees Due - Per your Registration Agreement
* October 5th - 8th - Fall Break - Studio Closed
* October 9th - Christmas Show 2020 - Tickets Go On Sale via our Parent Portal @ Midnight
* October 12th-15th - Parent's Week (The Last 15 Minutes of Your Dancer's Class)
* October 24th/25th - Christmas Show 2020 - Photo Days
* October 26th-29th - Wear Your Halloween Costume To Dance
* November 5th - Recital 2021 Costume Payments Due - Per your Registration Agreement
* November 9th - Photo Sales Day @ WMS Christmas Show 2020
* November 11th- Veteran's Day - Studio Closed
* November 25th & 27th- Thanksgiving Holiday, Studio CLOSED

Read Your Waivers! Student/Parent Agreement & Covid 19 Procedures

WMS Dance Season 2020/2021
It is VERY Important to read WMS Waiver Agreements in Your Account for Important Deadlines,Fees,Dates, Etc.. You have 2 specific waivers that are very important to read carefully and accept: 1. Student/Parent Registration Agreement 2. Covid 19 Guidelines/Procedures
Please check our online Calendar via our website: www.westmainstudios.com or in your WMS Parent Portal - It is your RESPONSIBILITY to check dates, ask questions - our dates are ALL posted on our yearly event calendar. Email and Text Messaging are vital to our communication. Please make sure to check your email regularly. We are available to you and want your dance home to be the best experience possible! Call or text anytime with your questions: 256-431-0377

Upcoming Dates for Fees Due

* September 1st - Christmas Show 2020 Venue Fees Due Per Registration Agreement
* September 8th - Christmas Show 2020 Dancewear Fees Due - Per your Registration Agreement
These fees will be added to your account very shortly. Thank you for your prompt payment!

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