Welcome to Mooves Dance Studio's parent portal!

A few things to remember:

When filling out the emergency contact Name & Number on your registration form, please choose someone other than the parent. We will always contact the parents first, then the emergency contact as the last resort.

Please double check all the phone numbers listed on your account and update if needed.

Please provide your full mailing address, including your zip code. If you have moved, please check to make sure you have provided us with your current address.

AUTO PAY WILL BE REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you do not want to enroll in autopay it will result in a delay in your registration.

If you try to sign up for a class and it is already full, you can add yourself to the waitlist.

This schedule is TENTATIVE & based on enrollment. That means if a class doesn’t have at least 5-6 people enrolled, we may have to cancel that class to make room for classes that are overflowing with students.

Once classes begin we will evaluate the age & skills of all students enrolled and make sure they are in the proper class that will allow them to be challenged at the pace we feel is best for them. This does not always mean being in class with friends or siblings.

The Acro students will also be evaluated once classes begin & placed in the class we feel is most beneficial for them. We are starting with the same guidelines as last year to help you sign up for acrobatics.

Level 1- Does not have standing bridge

Level 2- Must have standing bridge & one handed cartwheel

Level 3- Must have walkovers & one handed cartwheel Rt. & Left

Pointe Class is by audition only for students in the 6th-12th Grade. Dancers must have had 3 consecutive years of ballet/lyrical or contemporary prior to the auditions. Dancers must be enrolled in Lyrical class to participate in pointe & pass an audition that takes place during the pointe class the first few weeks of classes. If the student passes the audition, I will give them more details about picking out the correct pointe shoe.

Traveling Troupe Auditions will occur during the second week of classes. (Aug 21-24) If you would like more information about the troupe, please visit the "Traveling Troupe" tab on our website. If you plan to audition for the troupe please go ahead and sign up for the troupe level class and we will make adjustments once the placements have been made.

You can always drop a class, but you can’t always add one if the class is full. Therefore, even if your child is still deciding between two styles then sign up for both & let them try both before making the final decision. All decisions to drop, add or change classes must be finalized in writing by September 1st. NO EXCEPTIONS.