Welcome to Mary Janes School of Dance!

Covid- 19 studio update

Drop off
Self screening tool done at home (see attachment)
Students 7 & under can have one adult in the lobby before class and after for pick up, there will be a lobby monitor for 8&up before class.
Upon arrival please wash hands
Masks are required in the waiting area prior to class

Waiting room
Closed - opens 10 minutes before each class, ex: 3:50 for 4:00 classes
Office hours- by appointment only
Marked off spaces

During class time
Masks- Teachers will wear masks during class. It is not suggested dancers wear a mask during class, but they are welcome to if you choose.
Barres - marked spots, wiped down between classes
Spacing - floor is marked off with 6 ft distancing
Windows & doors- open as much as possible to keep air flowing through
Shared objects- any props will go into the bucket after one use and disinfected before used again
Acro class - individual mats that will be used once and cleaned between each class
To help decrease the chance of sharing, there are no snacks allowed in the studio. Please bring a water bottle.
If student has break between classes - pick up at middle door or we will have them wait in the lobby during their break

Pick up
Parents of students 7 & under can pick up student in lobby.
Dancers 8 & up will exit the middle door in Lewiston(hallway door), a teacher will help them find their pick up person. In Turner, they will bring them to the front door.

We know this will take a bit to get used to the guidelines we must follow. Thank you everyone for your patience. We will update and revise this plan as we navigate this season!
If you have any questions, please email or contact Kevin, 207-689-1225

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