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Welcome to Durango Dance's online registration software! Please contact us if you have any questions or problems navigating this system.


Q: Why don't I see any class options available to my child?
A: Make sure you've entered your child's birthday. Class options are only shown according to the appropriate age range for your child. If you still don't see the class level you want, please contact our office.

Q: My child just had a birthday. Do they move up in level now?
A: If your new 4-year-old moved up in March, they'd be placed with children almost a full year older AND have months of additional experience at this higher level. Our levels are highly specialized for each age, so we rarely promote children mid-year.

Q: Is the tuition listed monthly?
A: Our all-inclusive tuition is listed by the year. Your first payment (50% of the amount listed by the class) will be due at registration, and spring payment will be due January 1st. Monthly auto-pay options are available. See our office staff for information.

Q: What's included in your pricing?
A: Everything you need for dance. When comparing prices for classes, it's important to note that many studios and programs charge registration, tuition, costume fees, recital fees, and dance attire must be purchased on your own. With us, there are two numbers you'll need to know: 1) Registration is charged annually and includes all attire and recital expenses 2) Tuition is listed at the annual price but can be paid by semester or monthly. Tuition includes dance shoes. There are no hidden or surprise fees.

Q: Can you give me your full cost breakdown, so I can assure you've priced your offerings appropriately?
A: Durango Dance is a business that loves serving families. We also believe in mutual trust, clarity, and respect. However, just as you would not any of our amazing local restaurants for their private financial information, we ask that you respect our business and that our prices are fair and honest. Questions about your bill and payment options are always welcome.

Q: Where can I find info on adult classes?
A: Here's the link to our adult software system: https://durangodance.punchpass.com/classes

Q: What are your COVID-19 precautions?
A: You can find the most up-to-date status at our website durangodance.com

A Winter's Dream Info

Important info:
- Your family has 2 reserved tickets for each dancer in your family.
- friends, family, and fairy godparents can purchase tickets at this link https://dancestudio-pro.com/tickets/durangodance
- Please be sure to specify which day your dancer is performing when sharing the link. Your dancer will perform on their normal class day (except our Compose and Innovate dancers who will perform every day. We ask those parents to please attend Monday's performance. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this)
- In order to ensure we have plenty of room for all attendees, we have decided to run 2 identical performances each day. Below is the breakdown of what show we've reserved your family tickets. These can be swapped as needed.
- Doors open at 4:30 regardless of your performance ticket. Those with the 6:00 performance ticket are welcome to eat, drink, take pictures, and purchase raffle tickets while our 5:00 ticket holders watch the show. Then we'll swap audiences and repeat our performances!

Monday 5pm Tix
All Engage dancer parents (dark pink leotards)

Monday 6pm Tix
All Compose/Innovate dance parents (teal and plum leotards)

Tuesday 5pm Tix
Imagine 4:00 class and Discover 3:30 class (pink and blue leotards)

Tuesday 6pm Tix
Imagine 5:00 class and Discover 5:00 class (pink and blue leotards)

Wednesday 5pm Tix
All Explore dance parents (lavender leotards)

Thursday 5pm Tix
All Mancos Friday classes

Thursday 6pm Tix
All Mancos SCYC and Tuesday classes

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