Welcome To River City Dance & Performing Arts Theatre!

Welcome to the River City Family! River City Dance & Performing Arts Theatre is where dreams are endless and we perform beyond the boundaries. We thrive on feeding our community with positive and nurturing performing arts education to create determined students with a stronger sense of their own self-belief. Here at River City, our students of all ages create their own light through the performing arts.

2020 Summer Session

River City's 2020 Summer session is schedule to go live February 7th, 2020! We are looking forward to sharing the arts with you this summer!

2019-2020 Picture Day

River City's 2019-2020 Picture Day is Saturday April 18th,2020. schedule will be available soon!

2019-2020 Annual Recital "Making Noise"

River City's annual recital "Making Noise" is Saturday June 13th, 2020 at 2pm at James River High School.

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