Welcome to Dance Tech's Parent Portal!


Summer Camp will be offered for ages 3-12, weekly for 6 weeks from June 17th - August 2nd.

Summer Sessions will be offered for ages 18m to 3 year's old (up to 5 ½ can attend some sessions).

Join us for a week, or 2!! Your kiddos are guaranteed to have a blast!

All age appropriate classes should be available in your parent portal!

IMPORTANT NOTES: This will become your new best friend during your time with us at Dance Tech. Please keep your login info and password handy as this will be where you will come to find all important info during the season! Please make sure to check the bulletin board for any important messages.

*****All waivers must be accepted in order to see your balance. To do so, once you are in your portal, make sure to click the Waiver Icon, and accept all the waivers.*****

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