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My name is Tracy Frimpong, and I'm the owner of Luna P.L.A.Y Kids, which is a play-based yoga, physical literacy and movement company for kids ages 0-10y. My classes are fun, interactive, and dynamic. Offerings include yoga, dance, sport, gymnastics & even karate. I am based out of Chestermere, Alberta.

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About me:

Growing up in the world of sports, I eventually went on to play university sports (basketball) while perusing her degree.I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Business degree, with a minor in Kinesiology and Child Psychology. Fun fact, I actually wanted to be an accountant when I first entered post-secondary! During my summers at home, I discovered summer camp leader jobs & I was hooked, kids are where I'm meant to be! I've been in this industry since 2009.

I am a certified NCCP level 1 gymnastics instructor, active start gymnastics, Kids & Adult yoga instructor, adult & kids fitness instructor, Zumbini instructor certified, CPR certified, NCCP level basketball instructor, Master coach at Sportball, high five sport certified, I've coached basketball at the toddler to university level, CLS basketball senior coach, more to come... (I'm a Gemini can you tell?!)

My underlying goal is to spread love, light, and fun to all those she is honored to lead. My classes are fun, high-energy, and will get your kids moving and laughing in no time.

“Kids are my PASSION, and I love sharing my knowledge with them! My hope is that I can equip kids with the tools to navigate life and fully blossom into the superstars they already are! And grownups are pretty rad too!”.

My hobbies include reading, camping, playing basketball, yoga, and paddleboarding!

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