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Covid-19 Precautions

Safety Precautions:
• Studio will be operating at 50% percent capacity and maintaining a social distance of 6 feet during class.
• We plan on having the AC on and the doors open.
• Students must wear a mask in all common areas, but not mandatory while dancing.
• Dancers must take their temperature at home prior to arriving at the studio.
• Students will be required to sanitize or wash their hands upon entering the studio.
• The lobby is closed at this time. *No parents, siblings or dancers are permitted to wait in the lobby. Dancers and parents are to wait in the car. *
• We are encouraging frequent and thorough sanitizing and hand washing, by teachers, staff, students, and visitors with alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol.
• Teachers will use hand sanitizer before and after physical contact with a student or staff member.
• No sharing of phones, shoes or other personal items.
• Water bottles must be labeled with the student's name and prominently displayed.
• No Food allowed in the building.
• If a student is identified as ill, a parent will be called to immediately pick them up.
• Teachers, staff, and students must stay home if they are sick.
• If a teacher, staff member or dancer becomes ill, they will immediately be moved to a location away from other students and staff, until the student can be picked up.
• Teachers and staff members will not be permitted to work when they are sick.
• We will be disinfecting the dance rooms and surfaces in between classes.

If you choose to send your child to class in a face mask, you will do so at your own risk. Teachers will not be required to wear face masks but may do so at their own discretion. These guidelines have been taken directly from the Federal OSHA website.

Sick individuals or those at particularly high risk of infection (e.g., international travelers who have visited locations with widespread sustained (ongoing) COVID-19 transmission, healthcare workers who have had unprotected exposures to people known to have, or suspected of having, COVID-19), non occupational immune compromised individuals; 70+ years of age, pregnant women, those with an underlying lung, heart or kidney condition or those temporarily taking immunosuppressive drugs such as steroids), will not be permitted entry to any area of the studio, including the waiting room, the office, dance rooms, and student lounges. This is for the safety of all our Platinum family members.

What's New for the 2020-2021 Season

What is new for the 2020-2021 season:
• Contactless registration! Register for classes online. Dancers spots will only be reserved in a class for 3 days without payment.
Registration link: https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/platinumperformancedanceacademy
• Contactless payments! All dancers will be required to have a credit card on file. Families that wish to pay by Venmo, check or cash please read our rules and policies for more information.
• Modified and staggered schedules. Smaller class sizes to reduce the number of people in the studio.
• All Social Distancing Guidelines will be enforced.
• The lobby waiting area is closed until further notice. In studio parent viewing will not permitted.
• Observation for our 6 and under program will be done via zoom. Zoom Links will be sent home for each class for parents to view from the comfort of their car or home.
• Make up/Quarantine classes available via zoom or in person.
• Large computer screens in each classroom for easier Zoom participation.
• Increased sanitation protocols with scheduled cleaning breaks in between high traffic classes.
• 1 Parent/Guardian per family for drop off/pick up. Parent/guardian must wear mask for drop off/pick up.
• Masks required for staff, parents, and siblings in all common areas. Masks are optional while dancing.
• Wash/Sanitize hands prior to entering and exiting the studio.
• Additional Zoom classes will be added to the schedule for dancers that prefer to dance at home.
• New updated Rules and Policies. Please view them in your parent portal (Select more > Documents and Files) or on our website: www.Platinumperformancedance.com
• All dancers must have a signed hard copy of the Registration form and Spotting waiver (for Acro students). No dancer will be permitted to take class without a signed hard copy. No exceptions. Please print from your parent portal (Select more > Documents and Files) or our website: www.Platinumperformancedance.com

Studio Dates

September 10th, First Day of Classes!!

Studio Closings 2020-2021

28th Yom Kippur

October 12th Columbus Day
31st Halloween

11th Veteran's Day
25th -29th Thanksgiving Recess

23rd -31st Winter Recess

1-3rd Winter Recess
18th Martin Luther King

15th – 21st Recess

1st-5th Easter Recess

13th Eid al Fitr
28th -31st Memorial Weekend

June 19th Last Day of Classes
20th Recital

The studio will close in accordance with the school district regarding snow days, early dismissal, after school activity cancellations due to weather or mandated shutdowns. Please call the studio or check your emails, Instagram, or Facebook for detailed information.

Absent, Missed, Quarantine or Inclement weather:
• Tuition is not prorated for missed, quarantine or inclement weather.
• In the event of extreme weather, emergencies, or government mandated shutdowns there will be no refunds provided for missed classes. If these shut down last longer than two weeks, we will then provide make-up classes. Due to the nature of the closure or shutdown these make up classes may be provided via zoom.
• Dancers that must quarantine may attend their actual class via zoom (or wait to schedule a make-up class in the studio). Please notify the office prior to class, so we can inform the instructor we have a zoom attendee.

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