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1. Tuition is charged on a flat-fee monthly basis based on the number of classes taken regardless of weather/holiday closures. Allonge’ follows the Suffolk Public School schedule in the event of inclement weather and for major holidays. Minor holiday closures will be announced in advance.
2. The dance year runs for 10 months (Sept.- June). In order to keep our tuition as low as possible throughout the year, tuition is charged in 10 equal monthly installments for your convenience regardless of weather/holiday closings. You agree you are obligated for tuition through June (unless dancer withdraws by Jan. 15)
3. There is a $35 returned check fee. Auto-draft is the most convenient tuition payment option. Allonge’ offers auto-draft directly through your Parent Portal account.
4. Tuition payments are due in full by the 10th of each month after which a $15.00 late fee will be assessed. After the 15th of the month, dancers will be asked to observe class until accounts are in good standing. This is preventable by signing up for Auto-Pay in your parent portal. After the 20th of the month, dancers will be withdrawn from class and their spot offered to a wait-listed dancer. Tuition charges will continue to accrue monthly if withdrawal due to non-payment is after Jan. 15 withdrawal deadline. Re-enrollment requires a $30 registration fee and may not be possible if the spot was already filled with a wait-listed dancer.
5. No dancer will be permitted to perform or participate in rehearsals unless accounts are in good standing and performance fees are paid in full based on the payment options for Performance Package attached. Dancers with any outstanding performance fees on Jan. 30 will be removed from the performance.
6. Tuition payments are non-refundable except in the event of documented illness or injury that prevents participation for at least 1 month. Injured dancers may request their accounts be placed on hold for up to 1 month. Their space in class will be held for up to 30 days, after which it will be offered to a wait-listed dancer.
7. All dancers look forward to the Spring Showcase Performance! Each dancer requires a Performance Package, these fees are non-refundable/transferrable. Please note the attendance requirements & mandatory rehearsal schedules before committing to performances.
8. Withdrawal: 30 day notice is required for disenrollment & must be completed on a Withdrawal Form in the office. Emails, phone calls, and verbal withdrawals will not be accepted. . A withdrawal fee of 1 month’s current tuition will be charged at time of withdrawal. Withdrawals without notice will be charged tuition until notice is given plus the 30 day withdrawal fee. Withdrawals without notice will be charged tuition until notice is given plus 30 days. Dancers withdrawing after the withdrawal deadline (Jan. 15th) agree to pay tuition for the remaining months of the dance year as it is too late for Allonge’ to fill your space with another dancer after Jan. 15! Performance Package fees are nonrefundable.
9. Accounts left unpaid after 60 days will be passed to collections and continue to accrue late fees.
Attendance: (Ensemble dancers should refer to their Ensemble contract)
1. Students who wish to participate in the annual showcase in the spring must miss no more than 6 classes between January-June. Dancers missing more than 6hrs of any class will be required to take an hour private lesson with their instructor for each 1 hour absence over 6 absences in order to perform. Dancers missing more than 9 classes from Jan.-June are not eligible to perform regardless of private lessons as performing is a “team” art.
2. Dance classes run in accordance with the local school schedule. Makeup classes are not offered for holiday breaks or inclement weather, however dancers are welcome to make up classes missed for any reason in another class of the same style or level! Please give advance notice of making up classes. Makeup classes may be taken up to 4 weeks after an absence. Make up classes cannot be substituted for required privates.
3. Any student missing 3 or more weeks of classes in any one month or consecutively will not be allowed to re-enter their class until a private lesson is scheduled with the instructor of that class. This private instruction is imperative for your child’s instructional continuity and physical safety, and group classes cannot be devoted to catching up one student.
4. Dancers wishing to perform must be present at all additional in-studio mandatory rehearsals AND the dress rehearsal! Dancers missing any of these rehearsals will not be able to perform. No performance/costume fees will be refunded due to attendance policy violations. Documented serious illness, emergency, or family death is the only exception!

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