Welcome to Allonge Dance Academy!

Fundraiser Ends Feb. 28

If you are selling our coupon apps, please turn in your envelops & collected money as soon as you have sold 5 apps. You are welcome to continue to take orders for more apps, but will not be provided more cards until your collected money is turned in!

Parent Observation Week

Come see how your dancer is growing! Parent observation week is March 26-30. Chairs are limited! For our Fundamentals dancers, we encourage participation during this week as our little ones are excited to teach their parents all they have learned. Please help our instructors minimize additional distractions this week by silencing your cell phone and refraining from conversations while observing. We are excited to have you in our classes!

June 16 Performance

We are excited to hold two performances this year (1 afternoon, 1 evening) at the Suffolk Cultural Arts Center June 16! Our parents will be the first to know when tickets go on sale so you can reserve your seats! Please remember that your Performance Package comes with 2 tickets, but you'll need to reserve those seats directly through the Suffolk Center box office! Step by step instructions will be coming your way in April!

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