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Important Dates, Info and Waivers ~ updated 7/23/2020

Dance HDC 2020/21
Important Dates, Info and Waivers ~ updated 7/23/2020
This COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging and fluid situation. Federal, state, and local orders and guidance may change frequently. We will refer to the DHS, CDC, SBA, state and local health departments for up-to-date information and resources. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your children’s dance education while at the same time keeping your child, your family and our staff healthy and well.
COVID-19 Procedure changes:
Modified drop off and pick up procedures
As of now, the lobby will remain closed due to the close nature of “congregating parents and siblings” during and between classes. To minimize the cross over traffic, we will be implementing a door/curbside drop off/pick up. The 1st class will be dismissed to a parent at the door while the studio is being sanitized. Then students in the next class will be invited in to the lobby after the previous class has been dismissed, then into the studio once it has been sanitized. Please plan on leaving everything in the car except a personal water bottle and dance shoes. A small dance bag is permitted if it only used for dance and only includes dance shoes/dance clothes needed for class.
No food or drink (other than a personal water bottle) will be allowed in the studio at this time.

You may walk your dancer to the door, or pull up and drop off once the door is open. If you do walk your dancer to the door, please wear a face mask and observe social distancing.

For pick up, if you decide to stay in your car, please have your dancers name in the window to speed up dismissal.
To help with this new system, please make every effort to arrive on time for drop off and pick up.
This will be a learning process for us all. I will attempt to keep cross over time to a minimum, but it may take a week or 2 to get it down to a science. I plan to dismiss class 5 minutes early to allow for all students to be out of the studio by their class end time so that we can bring in the next class on time.
Once inside, all students will be directed to use hand sanitizer prior to class.
We encourage parents to be on the lookout for signs of illness in their children and to keep them home when they are not feeling well. Please email the studio ahead of time to schedule a make-up or set up a log in to take/observe class virtually.
Parents are responsible for screening their children prior to drop off.
Students should not have shown any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours.
~fever of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
~dry cough
~shortness of breath/difficult breathing
~loss of taste or smell
~sore throat
~head/muscle/body aches
~nausea or vomiting
Please do not send your dancer to class if they have had any exposure to another individual with suspected or confirmed COVID -19 case. A potential exposure means being in a household or having close contact within 6 feet of an individual with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case for at least 10-15 minutes during the case’s infectious period.
Intensified cleaning and disinfection efforts
All touch surfaces/props will be disinfected between classes.
Props: Props that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will not be used.
Props will not be shared between students and will not be used in more than one class per day.
Props that children have placed in their mouths or have been contaminated by body secretions will be set aside until they are cleaned by hand by a person wearing gloves.
Instructors will wash their hands between each class and use sanitizer when needed during teaching.
What has HDC done to keep you safe?
Since the shutdown, I have cleaned and sanitizing absolutely everything in the studio. Props, surfaces, floors, barres… EVERYTHING has been taken out, cleaned sanitized and reorganized. I even did my office! That hasn't been done since we moved in!!!
I have taped 6X6 squares on the floor so that dancers can safely practice social distancing.
I will sanitize anything touched in between classes.
Class size is limited to 10 students.
Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the studio.
A Virtual Option will be available if you do not feel comfortable coming in to the studio yet. Please contact me to receive a link to sign in to the class.
What will be different for you and your dancer(s)?
The lobby/waiting room will be closed until further notice.
Parents will be asked to drop students off at the door where they will be escorted in to the studio by a teacher. Dismissal will be the same and occur before the next class is let in.
Students may bring dance shoes and a water bottle in. Bags and outside shoes must be left in the car.
Combo students that require multiple shoes for one class may bring a dance bag that is only used for dance and only includes dance shoes/clothes needed for class. No food or drinks other than a closed water bottle.
Masks: Pre CDC guidelines, teachers and students 12 years and older must wear a mask to enter the building. Masks can be removed while actively participating in class and maintaining proper social distancing.
Mask rules may change at any time due to changing state mandated rules. As of now, instructors will be wearing masks while teaching unless they can remain more than 6 feet away from all dancers.
CDC Recommendations as of 7/23/2020 directly from their website.
Delawareans over the age of 12 are required to wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain
Any child 2-years-old or younger MUST NOT wear a face covering, due to the risk of suffocation.
Face coverings are recommended for children age 2-4 when feasible.
Face coverings are strongly recommended for children ages 5 and above as long as there are no health risks based on a child’s medical condition.

~ Note, I will do my best to follow your wishes for masks on your child, but if your child's mask becomes more of a hazard than a help, (ex. Chewing on the strings, flinging it across the room... ) they will be asked to put their mask back in their bag. )
Bathrooms will be available for emergency's only. Please plan to have your dancer use the rest room prior to class and explain that the bathrooms are only for emergencies. I have learned the hard way never to say no when a child asks to use the bathroom and I would rather have to sanitize the bathroom than clean pee off the floor!
All transactions will be done prior to class online. No cash or in person transactions at this time. Please make sure to log on to your parent portal to make a payment before class.
Implemented physical distancing strategies
6X6 dancing squares have been taped on the floor. Students may move about the room, but will be instructed to have only 1 person per square to keep proper social distancing. Students will wait their turn to go across the floor in a line that is 6 ft apart.
Activities and instruction will be planned that do not require close physical contact between children. (ex: no partners, lifts, circles holding hands).

Studio Closing during health emergency or for weather
If at any time throughout the season, Dance HDC is mandated by a governing agency to close business due to public health emergency or we believe it is in the best interest of our families to protect everyone during a public national or local health emergency we will proceed as follows:
1 missed class: The studio calendar has in place 1 floating snow/health emergency day per class/day of the week that does not need to be made up.
2 weeks: HDC will schedule make up classes when we get back.
* There are a few vacation dates built into the schedule that can be used as make up dates. See Calendar below.
3-5 weeks: HDC will offer virtual options until we are able to get back into the studio. These classes will be equal in both content and value to live, in-person classes, and will not affect the due dates or status of tuition.
6+ weeks: HDC will put its season and your tuition on hold until we are able to return to in person learning.
Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these new procedures and policies. If the current situation changes and it becomes necessary to update our procedures/policies or close our program temporarily, we will notify you by email. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your children’s dance education while at the same time keeping your child, your family and our staff healthy and well.
COVID-19 Waivers
I understand that during this COVID-19 Public Health Emergency I will not be permitted to enter the facility beyond the designated drop off and pick up area. I understand that this procedure change is for the safety of all persons present in the facility and to limit to the extent possible everyone’s risk of exposure. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform any other guardian that will be dropping off or picking up my child.

I understand that while present in the facility my child will be in contact with other children and staff who are also at risk of community exposure. I understand that no list of restrictions, guidelines or practices will remove 100% of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as the virus can be transmitted by persons who are asymptomatic and before some people show signs of infection. I understand that I play a crucial role in keeping everyone in the facility safe and reducing the risk of exposure by following practices outlined herein.
Hold Harmless
By signing this form you agree to hold harmless Dance HDC, it's teachers, staff and special guests from all claims, damages or other liabilities for a) any injuries, illness, your child may sustain while attending dance camp, classes, rehearsals and performances; and b) damages to or loss of personal belongings. This agreement includes any staff or workers of any outside facilities at which performances or rehearsals may be held.
Good Attendance is a necessary part of your dance instruction. While we understand illnesses, family emergencies, and vacations, please make every effort to be at your class each and every week. If you have to miss a class, please check with your teacher to see if there is a makeup class or virtual option available. Private lessons are also available with your teacher for an additional charge.
If a teacher feels that a student is falling behind due to too many missed classes (without a makeup or private lesson), they may deem it necessary to remove the child from a part of the recital dance that was learned while they were absent. (for safety reasons)
Photo Release
Photos are often taken during classes, performances, and rehearsals at Hockessin Dance Center, Inc (Dance HDC). By signing this form, you are giving Dance HDC permission to use you or your child's (childrens') photo(s) for marketing purposes.
Class Schedule
Dance HDC classes are subject to cancellation or change of time, teacher or substitution based on management discretion.
Inappropriate Behavior
HDC will make every effort to see that every child succeeds. HDC Management reserves the right to dismiss any child/parent enrolled whose conduct/behavior is considered inappropriate.
Tuition Policy
Tuition Payments: Registration ($25/family), and final months tuition (50%) will be charged upon registration. September's Tuition will be due on September 1st. The following tuition payments will be charged on the 1st of each month. If you would like to pay by check, please do so prior to the due date so that the payment is posted and your card is not automatically run. At this time we are not able to accept any cash payments.
A Late fee of $10 will automatically be added to your account after the 10th.
You will not receive a statement or email unless your account is past due.
A $30 fee will be charged for bank checks or ACH payments that are returned due to insufficient funds or otherwise.
Tuition is calculated for the entire semester (September-June) and then divided into 9 ½ equal installments.
All prepaid enrollment fees, tuition/costume deposits are non-refundable.
No refunds will be given for missed classes and/or withdrawal from the program or studio.
If a student withdraws; any overdue balances are still to be paid in full.
Tuition/fees will continue to accrue unless the child is officially withdrawn from the studio. Once a withdrawal form is received, you will no longer be responsible for future tuition charges.
Students more than 2 months behind in tuition payments will not be permitted to attend class until account is current.
Upon Registration: $25 Registration Fee
Upon Registration: Payment #1 (50% off of your regular tuition to be applied to June payment)
September 1st: Tuition Payment 2
October 1st: Tuition Payment 3
October 15th: Holiday Costume Deposit Due ($35/student. An email will go out as we get closer letting you know which classes are invited to perform.) ***Due to pandemic, this may not happen this year. If that is the case, you will not be charged a Holiday Costume Deposit.
November 1st: Tuition Payment 4
November 15th Costume Deposit Due: ($50/class for classes up to 1 hour long, $75 for Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo Classes, $100 for Jazz/Lyrical Combo Classes) ***Older classes will be assessed in November to see if we can reuse any costumes that were not able to be used in last year’s recital. This decision will be made before costume deposits are due. If we can reuse a costume, you will not be charged a deposit for that class.
December 1st: Tuition Payment 5
January 1st: Tuition Payment 6
January 15th: Costume Balance Due if needed
February 1st: Tuition Payment 7
March 1st: Tuition Payment 8
April 1st: Tuition Payment 9
May1st: Tuition Payment 10
June 1st: Final Tuition Payment 50% off (Most families have paid this upon registration, see Payment #1)
Payment Options:
Dance HDC Preferred Payment Plan: Automatic Monthly Credit Card Charges.
Login to our Customer Portal
Your Login ID is your Email Address (to which we sent this email).
To reset your password, just click the "I don't know my password" link.
Once you have logged in, enter your credit card information and select “AutoPay”
(note: your credit card is securely stored on the Site, I or anyone with access to my site will not have access to your credit card information.)
Your card will be charged the monthly balance that is listed under the "manage students" tab on the 1st of each month. An email will go out prior to the costume deposit and balance deadlines. You do not need to do anything unless you wish to opt out of the performance and not have a costume ordered for your dancer. It will be assumed that your dancer will participate in the recital unless you contact us prior to November 15th to opt out of the performance.
Additional Options:
While the above option is preferred because it lends itself to fewer human input errors as the amount that is charged goes directly into your account without any steps in between, I understand that there may be some people that do not use credit cards or are uncomfortable using them online. For you, I have the following option...
Option 2:
Yearly Tuition Paid in full by Cash or Check Only will receive a 5% discount.
Contact Miss Michelle to get your discounted price.
Note: Refunds will not be given due to missed classes, closures or a withdrawal from the program.
Option 3:
Monthly Payments with Check or Cash must be received prior to the due date to avoid your card being charged.
*All families must still have a card on file. If payment is not received by the due date, your card will be charged.
**Note: AT THIS TIME WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ACCEPT IN PERSON PAYMENTS. Please log in to your parent portal to make a payment or set up auto pay.

Student Withdrawal Policy
Please note: Students may not take a month off during the season. Should it become necessary to withdraw from a class before the conclusion of the season, you must submit a Student Withdrawal Form. You are financially responsible for your tuition payments up to the time that HDC has received such form. Form can be found online at www.DanceHDC.com

Parent Portal
Check out your charges & payments on your account, Update your contact info,
Add classes to your schedule, Register for special events, And more…
Use your email address that you registered with and click “forgot password” you will be sent a temporary password that you can change once you login.
Website: www.DanceHDC.com
Our website includes our fall schedule and new student registration, class attire and where to find attire and shoes, a link to the parent portal (listed above), and a calendar with all studio closures and events. During the winter months, a note will be posted on the home page about snow closures. As we get closer to the end of the year, our summer program will be posted. Please take a moment to check it out!
Facebook http://facebook.com/Miss.MichelleB
Friend us on Facebook to get instant reminders on events, new classes, studio closures and more!
If you are happy here, please consider giving us a review on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/DanceHdc/reviews/
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Annual Performance Dates Tentative
Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, June TBA ~ Performance: Sunday, June TBA
Students are encouraged to participate in our Annual Performance, but it is not mandatory.
To keep a professional atmosphere and stress free environment, if the commitment is made and the costume is ordered, the student must attend the mandatory dress rehearsal and performance and purchase a minimum of 4 tickets per family. This allows up to keep costs down and not charge the recital fee that most other studios do.
Costume Deposit and Performance Commitments are due November 15th

Missed Classes
Our staff is always concerned about the health and welfare of your child. Please phone or email the studio if your child cannot attend his/her regular class so we can alert the teacher. Classes missed due to illness or for religious reasons may be made up in another class of the same type or level if available. However, it is required that you phone or email our staff for placement prior to attending a make up class. A virtual option may also be available.
Remember: Best results occur when students attend class on a regular basis. Please make every effort to have your child at all of his/her classes.
If a dancer begins to miss too many classes, the instructor may choose to remove the dancer from certain parts of the dance due to safety reasons. Private lessons may be scheduled to catch the dancer back up if needed. Private lesson fee: $35
Inclement Weather
The studio does not follow school closings. There can be dramatic changes in the weather, which allows us to safely open the studio and conduct classes. Decisions are made at least 1 hour prior to the 1st class of the day, approximately 3pm on weekdays and by 8am on Saturdays.
Closings will be posted on www.DanceHDC.com, Facebook and emailed. However, if the studio is open but you are not comfortable driving your child to class, please be assured that our teachers will make every effort to help your child during the next regular class.
We ask that you let us know if you plan on staying in asap so that we can plan accordingly. (ex: if there is a class of 5 students, and 4 have emailed saying they will be staying in, this will help us make the decision to close much easier!! )
Class Attire
Dance HDC now offers Shoes and Dancewear for sale!
visit www.DanceHDC.com/Shop
Each class will have a specific link with class/age appropriate attire and shoes.
Please note: Revolution shoes run small. (The site suggests ordering 2 sizes up for kids)
I have certain sizes in the shoes and attire if you would like to try on prior to ordering, just let me know.
Dance HDC Dress Code:

Dance with Me, Tutu Cute Mini & Creative Movement Classes:
any color/style dance attire, pink tights and pink leather full sole ballet slippers.
Ballet & Tap Combo Classes:
any color/style dance attire, pink tights, pink leather full sole ballet slippers and tan tap shoes.
Ballet, Tap & Jazz Combo Classes:
Black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers, tan slip on jazz shoes and tan tap shoes.
Hair must be pulled away from the face and neck (ballet bun is preferred)
Dance shorts may be pulled on over the leotard for the jazz & tap portion of class.
Super Combo ~ Ballet, Jazz & Lyrical:
Any solid color leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers, tan foot undeez or paws.
Hair must be pulled away from the face and neck (ballet bun is preferred)
Dance shorts may be pulled on over the leotard for the jazz & lyrical portion of class.
Hip Hop (all ages):
Any loose clothing and clean black sneakers. Please do not wear your hip hop sneakers outside.
Acro (All ages):
Leotard and shorts or leggings, biketard, bare feet
Solid color leotard, pink tights. Optional ballet skirt. No Shorts. Pink ballet slippers and pointe shoes if applicable.
Hair pulled back neatly into a bun.
A pair of shorts or leggings may be pulled on over your leotard from ballet. No baggy clothes. Nude footundeez or paws. Tan jazz shoes may be required at a later date.
Tap: Any dance attire. Tan tap shoes.
Please Note: There is no time to change between classes.

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It has been said that word of mouth advertising is the best form of a compliment that a business can get. With that being said, I would like to encourage you to send your friends to us by offering a referral incentive this year.
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2020-2021 Calendar
All studio holidays and events are posted online at www.DanceHDC.com/calendar
Monday, September 14th ~ 1st day of Classes!
Saturday, October 31st ~ Closed for Halloween
November 15th ~ Costume Deposit and Performance Commitment Due
November 25-28th ~ Closed for Thanksgiving
Since there will be no holiday performance, we are working to have a virtual sing-a-long with Mrs. Clause at the studio. More info to follow.
December 24-January 2nd ~ Closed for Winter Break
2/2 National Tutu Day!!!
March 29- April 6th ~ Closed for Spring Break
*March 29, 30, 31, April 6 are reserved for make up dated in case of extra weather/health closings.
May 27th ~ 2021/22 Early Registration Deadline
Register for next year’s dance class by this date to save $25!!!
May 28-31st ~ Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
*May 28 & 29 are reserved as make up days.
Friday, June ?? ~ Closed to prepare for performance
Saturday, June ?? ~ Mandatory Dress Rehearsal at Sanford
Sunday, June ?? ~ HDC’s 13th Annual Performance!

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