Welcome to Evolution X!


Everyone is required to wear a mask upon entry to the studio. Please remind your dancer of the importance of social distancing at the dance studio, even if they are friends with or comfortable with someone.

Street shoes are not permitted in the dance room. Shoes should be removed in the lobby, prior to entering the dance room.

For hip hop, dancers should have a pair of clean sneakers for class. (No need to purchase new ones, washing machine or cleaning the bottoms will be just fine!)

We have recently made some renovations to our studio, in order to increase the ability of maintaining distance between dancers, as well as better air flow.

We ask that dancers arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class time, in order to allow time for the previous class to exit the studio. We also ask that incoming classes, kindly wait for the lobby to clear before entering.

Studio Closed Dates

Monday, May 31st - Memorial Day

Show Date

Dress Rehearsal (mandatory for all participants) - Saturday, June 12th

Show Day - Sunday, June 13th

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