Momentum Dance Project aims to facilitate artistry through a lens of excellence, dedication, and exploration. By being invested in each student, first as a human, we will strive for their dance training to be all encompassing in virtuosity as well as imaginative creation. We will focus on sharing our talent not only through performances but also philanthropic efforts reminding ourselves that the gifts we have to share are significant and influential.


We believe that all students deserve high quality classes, proper training, and the opportunity to work with professionals in the field of dance. Our unique approach allows us to focus on virtuosity, imaginative creation, and artistry in a setting of excellence for every student that trains with us.
Whether he/she decides to perform with us or if is instead engaged in other areas of the performing arts, sports, or the like, we are committed to providing classes without differentiation. Therefore, all of our students train together based upon the level of the dancer regardless of a commitment to our performance company.


Artists at Momentum Dance Project are provided many opportunities to perform. What makes us unique is that every individual decides the level of commitment they are seeking. We are continually searching for opportunities for our dancers to partake in. They perform in dance concerts, showcases, community and philanthropic performances, and competitions.
We have a pre-professional company, Project 3, as well as a Competition Performance Company.

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