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Introducing our Google/Facebook Review Contest!

Beginning August 1st and running through September 12th, parents are invited to leave us a Google review on Google. Your review will serve as your entry to win one FREE recital costume for your dancer! The following restrictions apply:
* Your dancer must be enrolled in at least one class for the 2022-2023 dance year to qualify.
* Your Google review must include a rating and a written review.
* If the name on your Google review does not match the name on your account with us, please reach out and let us know so that we can enter the proper name in our draw.
* The winner will receive one free recital costume (deposit+balance), but you will be responsible for the cost of any additional costumes (this includes classes that perform more than one routine - Preschool, Kinderdance/Dance&Tumble and Combo 1-2/2-3).
* You may earn an additional ticket for your dancer if you leave us a review on Facebook, in addition to your Google review (2 total reviews = 2 total tickets). The Facebook review may not replace the Google review as your initial entry. Two reviews does NOT mean that you will receive two free costumes! The prize is the same regardless of how many entries you have.
* The winner of the free recital costume will be announced during the second week of fall classes (September 13-17).

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