Welcome to the Danceworks Parent Portal!

Please enter your family's information in your portal and be sure to update it as necessary with a current email and other pertinent contact details. If you have any questions about your account, please contact us at info@danceworksdenville.com. Thanks for being a part of our Danceworks Family!

Welcome to our 2021-22 Season!

Hello Dancers and Families!
Welcome and welcome back! We can't wait to start our 29th season in Denville and we're so glad you'll be joining us! Our first day of class will be Saturday, September 11th. If your class is on a weekday, your first class will be the week of the 13th. You can find the season calendar in your portal under "shared files". Please refer to the calendar for all holidays and scheduled breaks. If you have any questions throughout the year, please contact us at info@danceworksdenville.com. We'd love to hear from you!

Please Be On Time for Drop off and Pick Up

Our dancers will be let in to the studio one at a time. Please arrive promptly at your class time for drop off so that we can avoid interrupting class for check in once it has begun. Our classes will end 5 minutes early to allow for studio cleaning between each class. Please be waiting at the correct door for your dancer so we can release him or her promptly and clean for the next group. Thanks for your continued help as we navigate this situation! We hope to be able to open our waiting room and return to normal drop off and pick up procedures soon.

In Person Policies and Procedures

Hello Danceworks Family! We can't wait to dance with you! Here are some things you'll need to know before you come to the studio for class.

EVERYONE MUST WEAR A MASK regardless of age or vaccination status. Face shields will not be allowed as substitutes for masks and may inhibit movement. Neck gaiters, bandannas, scarves and other loose fitting face coverings will not be permitted. NOSE AND MOUTH MUST REMAIN COVERED. No noses out. It is not safe for the dancers around you. Our instructors will make sure to modify class according to our dancers' comfort level.

USE THE BATHROOM AT HOME BEFORE COMING TO THE STUDIO. Our bathrooms will be open, however we are asking everyone to try to limit trips. We realize this is a tall order for little ones, but it is safest for all.

DO NOT BRING FOOD TO THE STUDIO. Be sure to bring a water bottle (with water only) that has a straw.

The waiting room is closed for parents. You'll need to wait in the car. If you feel more comfortable seeing class, please let us know you will be logging into zoom.

Have the zoom information ready to go as soon as you drop off your dancer. (You can find this info in your parent portal under bulletin board.) Log in immediately so that we can let all parents in and begin class. Late zoom log-ins take the instructors attention away from the class.
Change your zoom name to "your dancer's name+parent". For example, "Emily's mom". We cannot let in observers who do not change their name. Names like "ipad" and numbers will be left in the waiting room.
Log in with your camera ON. We need to verify that it is YOU and that you are on the premises. You will not be permitted to stay in class if you do not turn your camera on briefly. This is for your dancer's safety.
Please do not give our zoom codes to anyone who is not dropping off your dancer. The access to zoom is meant to replace our waiting room monitors and it is not appropriate to have relatives logging in from other places. Additionally, more people logging into zoom takes away from the instructor's time with the dancers. Please respect this policy so that we can continue to offer this service.
Please do not log out and back in during class.
When you see the class wrapping up, please come to the entrance (front or back depending on your class) for a prompt dismissal so we can sanitize.
Thanks for your help!

Bring a small dance bag containing dance shoes, a water bottle, an extra mask or two if you have a lot of classes and a DISPOSABLE PLASTIC BAG for storing street shoes. You may bring your own hand sanitizer if you wish. Do not bring anything extra to class.

Check your class notes to see which door to use for your class.

Please be in the parking lot at least 10 minutes before the end of class for pick up and wait outside the appropriate door. We need to end early in order to sanitize between groups. We have a tight schedule and we can't allow students to wait inside. We appreciate your help.

If your dancer has back to back classes, we will allow dancers to sit socially distanced in the waiting room while we sanitize. If your dancer has a 45 minute or hour break between classes, please consider picking up so we do not have extra people in the building.

Thanks for your help to be sure we can all dance together responsibly! We can't wait to be back in the studio with you!!

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