Welcome to the International Dance Arts Collective Parent Portal!

We are so happy you are joining our IDAC family! PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE PAGE! :)

-We are a nonprofit with mission to spread peace through dance. We expect all participants and families to practice the IDAC Values of peace, love, unity, respect, service, and determination.

-Our classes are semester long. The price you pay if for the whole semester. There are no added fees for performances, etc.

-All classes are required to participate in a showcase that is slated for Friday, May 3, 2024.

-There will be an optional show during the day on 4/20 for the Scandinavian Festival for selected kids in Collective Classes. You must RSVP in advance and commit to the extra rehearsals. These rehearsals are slated for 2/10, 3/1, 3/2, 3/9, 4/13, 4/19, 4/20.

-There will be a few Friday/Saturday rehearsals that will be required. These are slated for 2/10 and 3/9. 4/27.

-Please click Account and then "Register for Classes" and select the class you wish to sign up for and enroll. Please carefully read all the notices/waivers and go over the conduct policy with your dancer! *Please note our dress code, student conduct policy, and no refund policy in the waivers.* There are multi-student/multi-class discounts that apply automatically.

IDAC Dress code:
Girls: Short sleeved black leotard with any combination of following: tights (black, tan or pink); black leggings; black biker shorts (no booty shorts); black skirt.
Boys: Black/Grey athletic (more fitted) tshirt; black athletic shorts/pants

A $15 registration fee will be charged to each dancer. The second dancer in a family is $10. The third dancer's registration fee is waived.

African/Choir/Clogging classes have a $40 costume fee and Collective classes have a $60 costume fee. Those will be included at checkout.

We kindly ask that you be patient as this is a new system for all of us, and we are sure to experience some growing pains together. If you have any issues with the system, please reach out to us at IDACnorcal@gmail.com.

We can't wait to get dancing and singing with you!