Registration for Fall 2022/2023 is Open!

We're excited to be back in the studio for Project Performing Art's Fall 2022/2023. The season opens with an orientation for parents and students on September 17th to provide information about the year. There will also be demonstrations that both students and parents can join as a preview of some classes offered in our Fall schedule.

The official start of classes is on Saturday, September 24th with IMANI Dance starting their Friday rehearsals on October 7th. This year we're offering some new classes on our schedule in order to continue the progression of training for returning students and to keep the program fresh and exciting for prospective students. We're also providing IMANI Dance with opportunities to expand their skills and talents beyond just dance by introducing a monthly acting workshop geared toward dancers.

Click on "Create Account" to start your registration or check below for more detailed instructions on the registration process.

Detailed registration instructions:

Step 1: Click "Create Account"

Step 2: Fill in parent information and click "Add a student" to fill in children(s) information

Step 3: Click "Save Account and Login"

Step 4: Click "Register for classes" and choose the "Fall 2022/2023" tab. For IMANI dancers, please choose the "IMANI Dance 2022/2023" tab.

Step 5: Check-mark the classes you're registering for and click "Submit"

Step 6: Once satisfied with your selections, click "Finish Registration Now" and on the next page agree to our terms and conditions.

Step 7: Click "Make Payment"

Step 8: Input payment card information and click "Pay Now."

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