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January is Recital-Prep Month @ HDA

January brings much excitement and anticipation as we begin preparing our May Recital routines! Which means...costume measuring time at HDA ❤️ Measuring will take place during class time (see Events this January @ HDA). A new semester of Aerial Kids begins (check Events for more details).

Events this January @ HDA...

+ Jan. 5th, 2023: Dance Classes Resume! Welcome Back 💕
+ Jan. 5th THRU Jan. 11th, 2023: Recital Costume Measuring during all classes participating in recital
+ Jan. 13th, 2023: Aerial Kids Placement Class @ 5:00pm (visit hdadance.com to register now)
+ Week of Jan. 23rd, 2023 or : Recital Class Costumes will be available for viewing on the parent portal 😆

Coming in February at HDA...

Although February is the shortest month of the year, it is still full of hard work and creating the magic that is RECITAL! Also...celebrate L💘VE by joining HDA for the sweetest 🥰 Valentine Dances in Hermitage!

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