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Tickets on Sale Now!

Use the link below to purchase your tickets now!
You have 2 chances to see The Nutcracker Remixed on November 23rd. 1:00pm or 6:30pm.


The Nutcracker Remixed

Mark your calendar now for these dates:
November 2-3rd Mandatory Group Rehearsal and Costuming Weekend
November 16th Mandatory Group Rehearsal for Foundations dancers (ages 8 & up)
November 22nd Dress Rehearsal at Hult Center
November 23rd Show Day at the Hult Center's Silva Concert Hall

Your child's class will be assigned a role in the show and more information will be sent home soon. Your dancer's account has been invoiced for the Nutcracker Fee. Log in to your Parent Portal Account and pay by October 1st to take advantage of our early bird pricing of $55. As of October 2nd the Nutcracker Fee will return to the regular rate of $65 and will process with autopay on October 7th.

All performance opportunities are optional, but we assume all dancers will be involved in our show unless we hear otherwise from you.

The Nutcracker Remixed - Dress Rehearsal

November 22
Dress Rehearsal at the Hult Center. We will do a full show run through on stage from 3:00-9:00 p.m. Each class will have an assigned time on stage.

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