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Digital Dance Academy

A perk to our Digital Dance Academy is that you are able to take dance class at your own convenience, from your own home! All lessons, all styles are included in our digital dance academy

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June 1st - 5th we will be holding Parking Lot Practices at our Eugene Studio. Dancers are invited to join their teacher in the EUGENE STUDIO PARKING LOT for a walk through of choreography and spacing for recital dances. Here's what you should know.

Practice Schedule: https://madmimi.com/p/3e1dc01

• Parents are expected to drop off and pick up - we are using the parking lot for dancing!
• Dancers will be in marked spots a minimum of 6 feet apart and are asked to not touch, hug, etc. (we know it's hard but we will be enforcing this!)
• Dancers should wear casual clothes that are easy to move in and tennis shoes - we will be outside the whole time
• Dancers must bring a water bottle - they will not be going in to the building so need their own water
• Parents should pull in to the round about drive for drop off and pick up of dancers and we will have them load in and out from that area. Thanks for your patience!

THIS IS NOT REQUIRED - dancers may absolutely practice from home rather than attend in person, but this will supplement Zoom classes for the week of June 1-5 - all rehearsal videos will be posted on the Digital Dance Academy for families who would prefer to practice from home.



Our end of year recital has been reimagined! We are moving from a weekend show to a week long extravaganza! This allows us to give each class an assigned time to themselves to keep gathering numbers low and still give them the opportunity to be showcased. Each class will have a 30-40 minute time block scheduled the week of June 22-28th where they will dance at the Eugene studio location on an outdoor stage space and be filmed. More details to follow at our State of The Studio Address and via email. Watch your inboxes and join us Thursday if you can!

In the meantime, check out our Promo Video to see what's in store!

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