Welcome to the Parent Portal!

This is where you can register for classes and special events at MNDA, pay tuition, purchase merchandise, buy recital tickets, and receive communications and files associated with your classes. Please contact us for help navigating this site if you need help!

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Register for Summer and Fall/Spring!

Registration for Summer Classes and Camps and Fall/Spring 2023-24 season is open! If you don't see your class needs on the schedule, please send us an email with your request and we may just be able to accommodate.

MNDA Attire

We have our MNDA gear in store and online in this very portal! A few selections remain at the studio too. Be proud, you're part of an amazing studio!

We Now Have a Public Calendar

We have shared a new "Public" Google Calendar with you in this portal. Go to Calendar icon, and select Google Calendar. Stay in tune with events and closures!

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