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Winter/Spring/Fall Tuition Policy

-All Class tuition is due in FULL at registration- Non- refundable or creditable at anytime (dance, broadway fundamental, specialties, improv and movie magic)
-Production tuition is due IN FULL when you register for a production (UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO SIGN UP FOR AUTOPAY)- If you choose to not select AUTO-PAY- Payment is due in FULL when registering or your spot will NOT be secure
-Auto-pay payments are deducted monthly on the 1st-(for a total of 4 payments)
ALL Tuition is Non-Refundable or Creditable 2 weeks prior to program starting or after any auditions (if applicable) Each production has a non-refundable deposit of $150.00 (FOR ANYTIME OR FOR ANY REASON)
NOTE: You may be subject to a late Fee of $5.00/day if tuition is significantly late being paid (more than 10) days- after multiple notifications have been sent via email and/or text. If you have an outstanding TUITION OWED- Please apply for AUTO PAY- if you choose not to, your TUITION WILL NEED TO BE PAID IN FULL OR YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE.

Summer Tuition Policy

Summer Tuition Policy
-Summer tuition is due IN FULL at registration -UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO SIGN UP FOR AUTOPAY
-Auto-pay payments are deducted monthly on the 15th or 1st-(for a total of 4 payments)
-$150 non-refundable/credible deposit is required for each program
-Complete Program balance (not including deposit) is non-refundable. Your tuition may be credited to another program if notified of any changes prior to June 1st, 2022.
After June 1st, 2022 tuition is no longer able to be creditable.
-Complete payment for all summer programs must be paid in full (even if on a payment plan) by August 31, 2022

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