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Tuition Policy

-You must keep a valid Credit Card on file
-All Classes tuition payment is due in FULL upon registration - These are non- refundable or creditable at anytime (dance, broadway fundamental, specialties, comedy, stage combat and movie magic)
-All Production tuition requires a $150 non-refundable deposit. You can choose to go in and pay your balance in FULL the day of registration- or you will be automatically charged monthly (for up to 3 months (depending on when initial sign up is) or until completion of production/program.
-Auto-pay payments are deducted monthly on the 1st or the 15th.
-You will be charged the remaining balance at the completion of each production/program for that particular production/program
-Remaining full tuition amount (after deposit) is non-refundable or creditable 2 weeks prior to program starting OR/AND after any auditions (if applicable)

-Summer tuition is due IN FULL at registration -UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO SIGN UP FOR AUTOPAY
-Auto-pay payments are deducted monthly on the 15th or 1st-(for up to 4 payments/depending on when initial sign up is)
-Complete payment for all summer programs must be paid in full (even if on a payment plan) by August 31, 2022
-$150 non-refundable/credible deposit is required for each program
-Complete Program balance (not including deposit) is non-refundable. Your tuition may be credited to another program if notified of any changes prior to June 1st, 2022.
-After June 1st, 2022 tuition is no longer able to be creditable.

Note from the owners

Dear SkyRise Community,

After carefully analyzing and reviewing our operating costs for this current year, current and projected increasing prices for all materials, and overhead costs we are writing to inform you of a necessary forthcoming price increase for all of our programs starting as of September 1, 2022. We appreciate and value you as a customer and supporter of SkyRise whether you have been with us for several years, or are just beginning. We will continue to offer payment plans for all our productions (shows, and vacation programs)

We are also able to offer financial assistant to families that may need it- you can inquire about this further by emailing us at skyrisetheater@gmail.com

Zac and Tania Taylor
SkyRise Owners

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