Welcome to your online portal!

This information is for parents registering any child for our 2024/2025 dance year:

A $25 non-refundable registration fee is due upon registering to hold your child's place in their desired class day/time (Sept-May students)

We still accept cash or checks for payments but auto draft is highly recommended for your monthly payments.

There will be a $25.00 return check fee for any returned checks.

After the 14th of the month, Coastal Dance Academy will charge a $10.00 late fee to your account. Any accounts more than 30 days past due will require your child to be unable to participate in classes

Coastal Dance Academy will process cards for monthly tuition with information on file for all past due dance accounts not paid in full prior to the 15th of each month.

Helpful Registration tips:
Students are placed in classes their level of ability using age as a guideline. The age groups and levels listed are a guideline only.
If you are a returning student please pay attention to the blue highlighted recommended classes in your portal when you are registering online.

When registering online please pay attention to all requirements and prerequisites and email us with any questions about placement prior to registering.

After the first month of classes in September your child's instructor WILL let you know IF they feel your child is not where they need to be and will discuss with you IF they feel a different class level is needed at that time.

Ballet is the foundation and basis for all styles of dance. Ballet teaches proper technique, balance, grace, and poise which enables the skill development for all other styles of dance. Therefore, ALL students should enroll in at least one Ballet class.

Click on register for classes
If you are a returning student you will see "suggested classes" highlighted in blue that your instructor has recommended for your child.

Pre-school age children only register for 1 class.

Ages 6 and up have options to register for multiple classes but make sure they are DIFFERENT classes for example Ballet/Acro and Jazz or Tap. You would not register your child for 2 Ballet/Acro combo classes.)

Please email us with ANY questions. CDAlelandoffice@gmail.com